Ipiranga Museum to promote games festival with WiBX coin prize of US$ 2,000

Festival Games for Change Latin America receives registrations until this Friday, December 4th.

Ipiranga Museum to promote games festival with WiBX coin prize of US$ 2,000

One of the most important museums in Brazilian history, the Museu do Ipiranga, in São Paulo, will host the Festival Games for Change Latin America, which will distribute prizes in cryptomoedas.

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The festival will launch a challenge to develop games that address the collection, architecture and history of the Museum, supposedly located where Dom Pedro I proclaimed the Independence of Brazil.

The Ipiranga Gamers program will also have events to encourage visitors to look at the space as a learning tool also in the digital universe of games.

Participants do not need to have experience with game development Bitcoin Circuit review and can register until this Friday, December 4, through the official website, paying a fee of R$ 210. The organization also offers scholarships for those who cannot afford to register.

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The vice-director of the Museum, Amâncio Jorge de Oliveira, spoke to Estadão:

„The New Ipiranga Museum has a strong performance in digital media, such as the digitization of the collection with the Wiki Movimento Brasil and the exhibitions in the Virtual Ipiranga Museum application“.

The winners will be announced at the VIII Festival Games for Change Latin America, which takes place in the University City of the University of São Paulo (USP) from this weekend, between 5 and 12 December.

The organization will choose three winning games and each developer should receive R$ 2,000 in WiBX cryptomoedas, in addition to the opportunity for full development of the games throughout 2021 in partnership with Museu do Ipiranga.

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The award-winning games are scheduled to launch on Independence Day on September 7, 2021:

„At this time, we are extending these actions by inviting the community to take part in the Gamers do Ipiranga challenge, so that the public can learn about the Museum and our history by playing. This is another way to kill the longing for the Ipiranga Museum until we reopen in 2022“.

The Ipiranga Museum is another historical Brazilian space suffering from the neglect and bad administration of the city and the state of São Paulo. The museum was scrapped for years until it was decided to close and refurbish, which has already lasted 7 years.