Earn Extra Income with DeFi: Manage and Deploy Crypto Assets Easily .

• DeFi platform Oasis.app offers yield earning and lending services to crypto investors.
• Oasis Borrow allows users to borrow Dai against any collateral supported by the Maker protocol.
• Benefits of using Oasis include extra liquidity, multiple collaterals, Oracle security module and flexible repayment schedules.

What Is DeFi Platform Oasis?

Oasis.app is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that enables crypto investors to increase capital returns through yield opportunities, generating income from holding and lending digital assets. Through decentralized protocols, users are always in control of their funds with an added element of transparency and safety that supports the digital asset ecosystem.

How Does It Work?

Users must have a compatible Ethereum wallet such as Metamask, WalletConnect etc for utilizing Oasis services. The Maker Protocol allows a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as ETH, WBTC and more to be used as collateral for borrowing Dai which is a decentralized stablecoin pegged to the value of the US dollar operating on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Benefits Of Using Oasis

The benefits of using Oasis include:
• Extra liquidity: Users gain access to extra liquidity since Dai is a stablecoin this liquidity can be used for trading, spending or saving all use cases are available.
• Multiple collaterals: Different types of collateral rates and ratios are suitable for multiple risk profiles making it ideal for various use cases like hedging or speculation etc..
• Oracle security module: Borrowers are protected from flash crashes by having prices update only once per hour making it safe to borrow funds on this platform.

• Flexible repayment schedules: There are no repayment schedules, no minimum payments and no credit history requirements so users can repay at their own pace as long as their Vault is properly collateralized.